Christmas, we are told, is time for giving.

January is time for taking back.

Even though reports of poor sales on the run up to Christmas many people still found it in their hearts to hunt down “a little something”

I speak personally as one who has indeed stood in desperate isolation, bewildered by the queues in the claustrophobic environment of Christmas shopping emporiums fearing the catastrophe of NOT giving a carefully chosen Christmas gift.

I have been very busy rushing around gathering receipts and returning unwanted/faulty presents before the shop goes into administration – close call on Woolworths and don’t delay Debenhams could soon follow so get them goods back pronto.

But why panic? The perfect gift that’s sure to please – a Gift Voucher

Here I’d like to write in the style of the forced thank you letter that had to be written to generous family members who for fear that you might explode with over excitement opening all the presents on Christmas morning sent thoughtful gift vouchers for Boots or WH Smith.  There’s no reason this letter couldn’t be done as a round robin – a one size fits all – just delete as applicable

Dear Distant Relative,

Thank you very much for your kind gift that you sent.  I expect I will get enormous fun/pleasure/educational benefit from using the gift vouchers.  I am waiting for the January Sales where I hope to pick up some bargains.  I am particularly interested in getting one of those resperate devices that claim to lower blood pressure naturally simply by listening to music.  Of course in order to check if the Resperate method works I’d also need to buy a blood pressure monitor to to make regular checks.  I have been saving up and I see that there is a cheap model in the Sales – the Lloyds blood pressure monitor – which is almost within grasp if I don’t waste my pocket money on sweets or unecessary pasties for the next two weeks.

Well Chrimble is over and it’s back to school soon. Thank heavens the only present buying coming up will be for Valentine Day – traditionally a day for the ladies but as  noted on this National Days post there’s an opportunity to reward the bloke too!

Oh – a belated Happy New Year from the Pasty Muncher – Munching onwards and upwards!