Pickfords – A Crap Removal Company

Halloween – the day of the long awaited office move….

Having endured the nuisance of packing up a few bits and bobs the previous day and unplugging various cables and computer bits whilst suffering the allergic reaction to the dust disturbed after many months of dodging the cleaner’s tools the office move was on course for  Halloween – Friday 31st October. Pickfords, the removal company selected for this important task, had left instruction about packing and labelling the cases to facilitate an efficient office move which was assumed to be done during the evening in order for crates and equipment to be in position the next day for connection and continuing work – however this was not the case.

Removal Company Arrives Late

The day begins with the surprising realisation that not only had nothing been moved since close of business the previous day but the Pickfords “Crap Removal” team turned up sometime after 9am – over an hour late.

Close inspection of the Pickfords removal van failed to reveal a new strap line –  “Why arrive early when you can still get paid for a crap removal job by turning up when you feel like it?”

Crap removal company Pickfords were amongst several removal companies who have been assisted to stop them from going under during the current housing downturn.

You’d have thought that some degree of pride in the service they provide would be in order instead of the classic British workman attitude.The office manager was sure that every effort would be made to “crack on” and get the new office up and running as quickly as possible. How very wrong…

Slowly Slowly that’s the Pickfords Removal Way

Unaware they were in earshot, following a request that they prioritise certain items for immediate and urgent removal one of the Pickfords gang was observed shaking his head and telling his team “That’s not how it works,  she’ll have to learn…” followed by the mob agreeing and trying to out do each other with promises of just how awkward they could be.

First in the door was the Boardroom table and chairs, Plastic plants, framed pictures, stationery supplies, nine water bottle refills but no water cooler.  Clearly this removal company were “on side” as they watched all the staff standing around desks with no chairs or computers to sit and work at.

Following a full hour for lunch the Pickfords team re-appeared and the first glimpse of essential equipment was seen.  We’re still unsure if the sight of a pc unit and two monitors precariously balance on an office chair being wheeled across the space was a hilarious wind up to reinforce the gaffers exclamation that they were “fully trained professionals” and knew what they were doing.  Someone remembered the instructions we received that computers should be left on the desk for proper specialist packing and transportation during removal.

It seems they fair just as badly in domestic home moves although it is possible that the favourable reviews of Pickfords removals “it took three men to remove my drawers” are actually contributed by

In conclusion it was agreed that the whole exercise was a shoddy job.  heaven knows what the cost was – the office manager keeps such things close to the chest – and it would ahve been illuminating to see the responses on Pickfords customer feed back questionnaire – which had conveniently been deleted…
In my opinion – Pickfords failed to impress and deserve the award of CRAP REMOVAL COMPANY.