This recent comment from Margaret reminded me that once again the ever popular how to make elderflower champagne page is bringing in lots of visitors to the site. Hopes are high that as well as having a go at making the champagne, visitors will have a go at making elderflower cordial – much easier and far less risky than making the fizzy version.

Margaret wrote:

Well this has certainly made interesting reading. I have laughed so much at some of the stories but think it may be nervous laughter as I have two buckets of the stuff sitting in my garage! I have never attempted to make my own wine, beer or indeed anything like this before so don’t quite know what to expect. I will be bottling it tomorrow into plastic screw top bottles which previously had fizzy water in them, compliments of Tesco. I am wondering what to expect from the bottles having read some of the hilarious comments on here. Should I prepare for the worst? dress in combat gear, goggles, hard hat and wear asbestos gloves? Perhaps I could hire a suit of armour from somewhere, better to be safe than sorry! I will keep it in the garage I think, safely covered in a duvet and a tarpaulin. Only hope I like the stuff after all of this!

Hedgerows are festooned with elderflower in full bloom right now so once again I urge you to go pick a few heads (ideally on a warm still sunny day) and make your own delightful drinks – just remember to leave some flowers to mature into elderberries for the wine makers and of course our feathered friends.