Banksy Art

Time was when a young ruffian sprayed aerosol car paint on someone elses property he was called a vandal and if caught felt the full force of the law in return for his mindless acts of wanton destruction.

These days however in the wake of Banksy and his chums kids and adults who should know better are expressing their feelings on the walls of buildings and structures – all in the name of art.

Street Art Comes to Life 3D – is it Banksy?

My only regret is that I didn’t waste a day of my life to visit the Banksy Vs Bristol Museum earlier so that a full expose of the shameful organisation and lack of exhibits could be reported sooner and hopefully save many others the trouble of discovering that Banksy Vs Bristol Museum is a crap exhibition.

Banksy Vs Bristol Museum

banksy artIf the acceptance of  street art wasn’t enough the powers that be at Bristol Museum activley encouraged Banksy to show his work during the summer at what has to be awarded the honour of  “Banksy at Bristol Museum – Possibly the Worst Exhibition – Ever”.

In an event titled Banksy Vs Bristol Museum which wrongly suggests that hooligans had infiltrated the otherwise conservative city museum and managed to disruptively sneak in an assortment of thought provoking, inspirational, hilarious exhibits amongst the regular display.

Although the BBC reported the secret stunt (cunning stunt) the illusion that the renegade street artist had broken into the establishment of the  Bristol Museum is a pathetic attempt at adding a certain irony to the event.

Bristol Museum – Banksy – Crap Exhibition

The people of Bristol must be incandescent with rage at the utter failure of the staging of this crap exhibition of Banksy in a dreadfully inadequate venue.  It could be that the organisers primary aim was to get more footfall in the Museum – hosting a small selection of Banksy art it was merely a roose to get mugs to wander around a stale exhibition space and look at the museum’s regular exhibits whilst trying to “discover” what jolly jape the Banksy prankster had included amongst them.

What do you actually get to see?

Even when you discover the rogue works you have little chance of fully viewing the works due to the crowds waving a sea of digital cameras in front of the exhibits.

Bristol Museum Opening Times

With no regard to the immense popularity of the exhibition the Bristol Museum resolved to keep its normal opening hours – a lazy 10:00 am start closing at a respectable 17:00 – plenty of time to change out of uniform and be home ready for the 6 O’clock news

The only effective demonstration of the museum to handle the volume of visitors was shown at 16:00 when attendants began to close sections of the museum in order to completely evacuate and shut the doors promptly at 5pm

Conclusion – don’t go there – visit a real cultural event such as a day trip to Trago Mills and watch the following videos:

Videos of Banksy Art Work

Banksy vs Bristol Museum from Butterfly on Vimeo.