Crap Shop Woolworths in trouble

Woolworths2009 – Liverpool’s claim to be the European City of Culture coincides with the 100th anniversary of Woolworths opening their first UK shop in the City.

Famous for its shoplifting appeal to school children who quickly realised thy could stretch their pocket money further by visiting the high street shop en mass and picking up a selection of toys, pens and of course pick ‘n’ mix but failing to pay has a left Woolworths a very special place in many peoples hearts but shopping trends change and it looks like times up for Woolworth.

In a recent poll the majority of 14 – 25 year-old said they found Woolworth to be on the whole “a crap shop” but may have visited in the past six months to pick up a greetings card or even happiness.

Woolworth Closing Down But Still Recruiting

The Wonder of Woolies

Although the website has been up and down like a brides nightie it was with some pity that the continued presence of the Careers at Woolworths page which announces “Your journey start here” and continues to entice Woolies Wanabees telling them that it is through thier “unique team spirit that has led us to becoming one of the UK’s market leaders”.

The news that jobs are available in Liverpool will bring some releif to those who fear redundancy elsewhere in the City. Land Rover continue to retain their staff but have further extended their closure period and it is yet to be revealed if the production of the new Freelander will commence on schedule for sales to begin in April 2009. At least the Land Rover Careers page accurately reflects the current state of their recruitment Land Rover Misc Error – We are sorry — this page was not found on

Woolworths are even crap at closing down.

Woolworths called in city financiers Delloitte to offer rescue solutions but with national banks and corporate treasury systems in turmoil no reasonable offers were forthcoming.  The answer – a Massive Closing Down Sale.

UK shoppers have become blase to “closing down sales” but Woolworths hit the headlines when it announced that all 850 shops would be clearing their stock.  Even the most sceptical couldn’t resist the chance of a bargain.  Will we never learn.

“Not well worth it” – said Mr Ian Macfarlane – an exhausted Exeter shopper on returning from a lunchtime spent queuing having been lured into this unlikely retail zone by the closing down sale news reports and misleading up to 50% off signs.

Remember the old adage – one disappointed customer will complain to a hundred others.

As Brandmaster commented  I know what I would be looking to buy at the fire-sale