Dave Goes to Skåne – Video for Visit Sweden

The no nonsense true Brit Dave Smith has accepted the offer to help promote Skane in Sweden as a holiday destination. Dave has the opportunity to explore Skane a region in the south of Sweden. Here Dave narates his promotional video for visit Sweden (uncensored)

Visit Sweden – Skane Arts

Dave Goes To Skane – Visit Sweden from HeartShaped on Vimeo.

“Oh classic – I see what you’re doing here. Blurring the lines between art and architecture – well done on that.

“Got a little coffee shop on site too? Selling some swedish pastries, maybe a few locally sourced fruit juices in glass bottles yeah.”

I could hardly believe my ears when Dave exclaims:

“Its hardly a f”in’ cornish pasty though is it?”

Dave continues by adding his own inspiration and passion for performance art  – hooking his fingers into the waistband of his shorts he continues…

“Here you are – I feel a bit of art coming on . . . I call it the land of the midday moon – how does that fit into your modern aesthetic?”

Listen to Dave – discover Skåne’s inspiring art and architecture for yourself

The land of the midday moon

Visit Sweden – the land of the midday moon

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