Camping for Climate Change

The news is full of the buzz that the Climate Camp 2009 has begun in South London.
carry on climate camp

Promising to be a full on multimedia experience – the Guardian is beside itself running continually updated stories and stooping to include twitter and the like for the campers mobile delights.

Climate change is one of the most heavily publicised issues of the pasty year and we will watch the events at Climate Camp with great interest.

A few comments that reflect the mood and feelings surrounding climate camp:

Good luck Climate Campers, and thank you. You speak for many.

I live on the edge of Blackheath and, from what I am seeing, this is not accurately described as a camp of climate change environmental activists. Instead, it looks like a national conference of leading experts on the British state benefits system.

Another forward thinker in the online entertainment industry pondered the ability of a protester camper to be able to twitter AAARRRGGGHHH as a police baton strikes them – hmmm now twitter is becoming a little more attractive.

Spoiling the twitter thought Johhny No Fun chips in

I have no doubt the police will keep a low profile

The worlds media are watching them very closely BBC News SKY News CNN and thousands of citizens with their mobile phones watching every move they make

Historians have their say:


They shouldn’t say they’re following in the footsteps of the Peasants Revolt! The Peasants Revolt is most famous for the gullibility of its leaders which lead to its failure and their own execution!

Even room for not necessarily a climate change denier – merely apathetic.

Forget about it…by 2030 the world will need 50% more food and close to double the amount of energy consumption.

We will eat, plug in our appliances and watch TV while the whole house goes up in flames. My advice is get the best seat in the house and marvel at our own destruction, its going to be epic.

Perhaps most poignant, in response to the many predictable cynical remarks someone called Angie calmly remarked:

This is not about creating some green hippy utopia anymore, it is about the survival of humanity.