Padded Ladies Underwear

A fascination with the hind-quarters of celebrities is fueling a booming market for underwear that amplify the tush. Booty Pops or Wonderbutts – see the video – are the latest women’s fashion accessory that have egg shaped foam pads to create a fuller backside.

Forget hours of agonising training and gym work to develop a fuller derrière – slip on a pair of the padded panties and you are transformed becoming “Bootylicious”

High street shops in the UK such as Marks & Spencer are stocking shapewear within their ladies underwear departments but this tends to be more about overall size reduction and slimming with ranges such as magic pants so it would appear that these butt boosters are primarily for the US market

An American commented:

We have an obesity problem in the country and this is all we need… to make our fat back sides look even bigger.

I’m thinking this won’t be that big a seller since most adults could stand to lose a few in the posterior rather than gain.

I’m told that padded bottom underwear was fasionable in Paris in the 1950’s.

See how those fellows look at me, I have a well fixed behind (estoy bien dispachada atras)

There’s nothing wrong with a woman who feels sexy and confident about herself. Make-up, bras, heels, bum boosters are all tools of the trade just like a nice suit and tie, cufflinks, a good shave and polished shoes are for men.

I do hope the women wearing these butt pads have a sense of humor about it and readily admit to wearing them if questioned.

Egg-Shaped Foam Padded Panties?

Wouldn’t they get a little warm and sweaty and retain body odors?


No matter how you cut this thing, it still comes down to false advertising. Fake booty, fake resumes, fake military medals, fake or altered biographies, fake this, fake that, fake everything.

Booty Pop projects it will sell close to 1 million pairs of padded ladies underwear this year