Well I “was” waiting to hear the views about leave or stay from Ant & Dec but fortunately the matter has been dealt with at a more local level.

Pasty Association backs EU

The Cornish Pasty Association (CPA) has come out in support of Britain remaining in the European Union.

The association, made up of Cornish Pasty producers of all crusts and sizes from across Cornwall, has been asked numerous times about the impact of a possible exit from the EU on the protection of the Cornish Pasty name.

The CPA’s board recently decided that, after working so hard for so many years to gain recognition for the Cornish Pasty through the EU Protected Food Names scheme, it would be wholly inappropriate for it to support anything that could potentially impact on that status.

Speaking on behalf of the CPA, chairman, Jason Jobling, said: “As an organisation that has benefitted from the EU protected food names system, and no clear evidence available to demonstrate that Brexit would enable that protection to continue, the CPA supports Britain remaining in the EU and being able to participate in that system.