Gather Ye Munchers from far and wide.

The Eden Project  called for pasty makers across Cornwall, the UK and the world to enter the competition.

The 2015 World Pasty Championships  took place on 28th February.  This is an open event and every pasty entered is judged.

Jorge Pereira, who was attending the World Pasty Championships at the Eden Project in Cornwall as part of a two-month visit to the UK, won the open savoury amateur category with an empanada Chilena, a traditional Chilean pasty made with beef, onion, hard-boiled egg, olives and sultanas.

world pasty champions

There are eight categories with the opportunity to enter a traditional Cornish pasty or an alternative savoury pasty:

As Mark Muncey (shurely Muncher?) of the Cornish Pasty Association wrote “The championships at Eden will be a great celebration of the pasty and a chance for bakers in Cornwall and beyond to show off their talents.”

Keep the faith and adhere to the rules to note then its time to crimp your crusts.