Weddings With Regional Themes and Food Ideas

You can make your wedding even more memorable by giving your special day a brilliant regional theme. It’s all about finding things that fit in with your ideas whilst still pleasing your guests. Whether it’s choosing the right music or covering special dietary needs for wedding guests, such as those fuss pots with “allergies” or health conscious zealots who require low cholesterol dishes (find out more about cholesterol levels here), it’s easy to do with the right planning.

A great way to make your wedding unique is to choose a regional theme.

Working from South to North….here are three ideas to inspire you:

Cornish Themed Wedding – Get on My Lovers!

A Cornish themed wedding is bound to be great fun. Traditional music played by a live band will set the wedding theme and you could always search for a willing wedding band and ask that the members dress up as pirates, the Master of Ceremonies kitted out in full Poldark regalia, and the bridesmaids in Cornish fishwife dresses.

Search online agents and listings to find the perfect band – for example Wedding Lovely recommends using Entertainers Worldwide Directory to find wedding bands that like these me-heartys who are prepared to join in the fun of the Cornish theme.

wedding band dressed as pirates

YARR! – Wedding Band Dressed in Pirate Costumes

Of course, you can scale it down a little (geddit?) if you like! Food wise, Cornwall’s coastline has a bounty of some of the finest seafood in the nation, including crab, lobster and turbot.

No Cornish themed wedding would be complete without a nod to the region’s most beloved treat

Then of course you have the pasty, and no Cornish themed wedding would be complete without a nod to the region’s most beloved treat.

It has been said that the happiness of the marriage can often be judged on the agreement between partners on the choice of crust – flakey or short – it matters not so long as there is total agreement on this essential part of the marital pasty unity.

There will always be those that want to show of and a perfect way to do this would be to order up a whole heap from the Proper Posh Pasty Co  and have them delivered directly to your evening event. ALWAYS OVER ORDER – guest will be keen to take a little memento home with them and a freshly baked pasty tucked into a jacket pocket will be a delightful treat later on when re-heated or indeed noshed cold.

Proper Posh Pasty

For dessert how about delving into Guldize topped with clotted cream?

Pre drinks nibbles? Lusty Pirate Crisps of course.


Welsh themed wedding:

If you’re going to go Welsh, filling your room with daffodils and using traditional love spoons as wedding favours will give your day an authentic edge. When it comes to the tunes, Wales has a long history of celebrating folk music, perfect for an evening twmpath (similar to an Irish ceilidh where you switch partners and a caller will give instructions on how to dance).

welsh folk musicians

In terms of feeding your guests, you can continue the traditional feel with laverbread, Welsh cakes and a delicious Welsh cawl stew, based around beautiful Welsh lamb, of course.

Scottish themed wedding:

Images of male guests dancing around in kilts immediately spring to mind, but there’s so much you can do with a wedding paying homage to Scotland. Traditional bagpipe and clarsach (Scottish harp) music, tartan tablecloths and a castle setting can all make for a truly elegant Scottish wedding. In terms of food, dishes like cullen skink (a thick soup of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions), Highland roaming roe deer and stunning diver-caught scallops are all tasty options. Some of the best salmon is available in Scotland, too, and it makes a really grand centrepiece for your wedding meal. Not only does a whole salmon look amazing, it is lower in cholesterol than fatty meats.

For those less concerned about the waistline and dietary health there is always the chance of a platter of deep-fried Mars bars for an amuse bouche at a Scottish event.

Deep Fried Mars Bar

And how about this for a novelty wedding cake idea – Irn Bru Cup Cakes – yes!

irn bru cup cake