No Jobs – Get this Book

Found a sun faded copy of the book “NICE WORK if you can get it” by Guy Dauncey which judging by the sticker on the bottom left corner and stamp [Careers Office LIBRARY Reference Only > Jobs] on the inside cover, I acquired sometime after its publish date of 1983.

Nice Work if you can get it

How to be positive about unemployment

The book – ISBN 0 86082 357 1 – was heralded as the non-working man’s Bible that preached how to be positive about unemployment and was dedicated to the individuals and groups all over the country who were refusing to accept unemployment passively.

Recession Proof Jobs

Whilst browsing a variety of bizarre  “list” sites we came across this list of  jobs that will boom during recession.  Imagine our delight when we realised it was a starting point for a post about unpopular jobs and grim working evironments.

A while back a post on the subject of working as a mystery shopper deemed to it to be a crap job and now we have the dubious pleasure in bringing you a comprehensivc list of jobs that may also be wave the famous Pasty Muncher tag of “crap”.

The list predicts growth of  jobs in splendid UK  institutions such as prisons, job centres and schools highlighting the growing need to retrain, redeploy the work force and bang up the unemployed – prisoners are not counted as “out of work”

Little wonder up there with the worst of the worst are recruitment agents – another dreadful profession job that benefits from being recession proof – even thought there are less jobs – the annoying gob-shites still talk up each and every opportunity no matter how dismal and demeaning – and increasingly enjoy repeat commissions as the trend for temporary staff and short contract work during economic slowdowns.

Top Job  – Plastic Surgeon

Apparently the prospect of losing a job or failing to find new work can lead to desperate measures with some people becoming convinced that by changing their appearance they can position themselves better in the job market.

Rhino Pasty anyone?