Benefits of Climate Change

Feeling Hot?

Thank global warming.

It’s unnaturally warm for February. We should feel great but we feel a touch guilty. February isn’t supposed to be like early summer. But is climate change all bad? Not for those of us who were born in the Northern Hemisphere. Skies are blue and sun starved (PASTY) Englishmen are smiling. Climate change doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom – as least in the short term – there are benefits of climate change.

The planet is changing, but it always has changed; that’s why there are no dinosaurs… what’s the problem?  We haven’t had a world war for over 50 years so we need something to get worked up about. Bingo! Climate change is the jackpot topic. Climate change unites the most unlikely of bed fellows, intent on saving the planet.

Climate Change – History

Mother Earth can be a bit temperamental from time to time – remember Pompeii, Atlantis, and Krakatau? Did we contribute to climate change then? No. Historically flood, famine and fire regularly flare up. In the cold light of an ice age dawn, does a bit of additional sunshine today, mean we’re all doomed for 2100?

Benefits of Climate Change

The benefits of climate change are quite heart warming – and everything else warms as well, so the heating bills are down. Climate change means that many farm animals will have two breeding seasons, good news for lovers of lamb and mint producers. Another Benefit Climate change means that houses built on wetland sites will crumble away and the wild orchids will return. If we’re going to return to the ox cart as a means of transport, fine – but we’ve all got to do it, no exceptions. That means no emergency life saving treatment in gas guzzling ambulances, lighting up the night sky with a 10,000 watts of power.

Are you that much of a Climate Change eco warrior that you’ll willingly bend over backwards to save a bit of CO2? Quit banging on about the ethical benefits of  eco car hire and enjoy the benefits of climate change in a stylish, fast car. The climate IS changing, and we’ve given it a helping hand. This might be a lot of hot air, but we should make hay while the sun shines.
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