You would have thought that the news that some airlines (mainly US) are giving their economy cabins a make over would be great – that is until the full story is revealed that the airlines are simply trying to fit more into the space – roomier overhead bins, better entertainment systems, Wi-Fi access, more electrical outlets and sometimes more seats crammed in – leather ones at that!

Flying in economy can be so unpleasant and leather seats won’t help.

I’m tall – leather seats don’t make you “more comfortable” when you’re completely crammed for hours. I don’t need a meal or a smiling flight attendant as long as I have room. So it seems to me that the airlines have their priorities wrong.

Leather seats are hot and make people sweat … won’t that be sweet? It will also be more difficult to muffle escaping gas. Imagine the inflight entertainment on a return flight from Mumbai – up, up and away!

Are they planning to fix my pet peeve? I don’t think seats in economy should recline. It’s like asking someone if they want to steal space from the person behind them at no cost to them. They should just put in those bendable head rests, pick an average seat recline angle and leave it.

Forget the wi-fi – forget the drinks – forget the toys – MORE space is priority #1. When a person is physically uncomfortable, nothing else matters.