Appalling to read in The Reg this report of scammers abusing the Haiti earthquake as an oportunity to turn a quick buck.

The dreadful disaster (as recognised by the Disaster Emergency Committee) requires our support and those behind the disgusting scam should be found and sent to see and help the situation – perhaps be made to stay.

In the shadow of the grim events in Haiti we are seeing less and less about the outrageous bonus payments about to be paid to banking and financial professionals gamblers.

Send Bankers Bonuses to Haiti Earthquake Aid

Some are even calling for a tax on all bankers bonuses at 100% and give them all to Haiti earthquake aid.  The astonishing announcement that once again the eye watering bonuses are to be paid out for playing around with other peolple money really does highlight the injustice around the world.

Our petty concerns pale into insignificance compared with events like these. I agree  tax all those bloody bankers 100% and transfer the money to help aid and reconstruct Haiti and going forward divert these ill gotten gains to other helpful projects worldwide.

Donate to the Haiti Earthquake Disaster Fund

In addition to encouraging direct donations for the Haiti earthquake appeal communities are arranging fundraising and charity events to support the work of relief agencies.

People have wealth in order that they provide for the poor. James (bible bloke) sort of told Paul, “Remember the Poor.”