Daniel from the innovative organisation Give a Car sent in this guest post about the organisation and how they can help dispose of a scrap car and support charity work:

Don’t let your pride and joy rust, donate it to Giveacar.

As much as we like to try and avoid it, as much as we try to put money in to put it off, the day will come when your car gives up the ghost. Or it may be a ‘project car’ that you bought on a one-off thinking ‘I’ll restore it at the weekend,’ and never quite getting there; so it has been sitting in the garage for so long it seems like it’s beginning to morph into part of the building.

Scrap Cars

Perhaps you’ve seen an advert on a lamppost with a mobile number, making you think that you really should get round to getting rid of it someday.  However, if you go down that route, how do you know that it won’t be unlawfully put back onto the road, leaving you potentially liable to receive speeding tickets and parking tickets for a car you no longer own? Illegal scrapping is a large problem in the UK, with nearly 50% of vehicles not being disposed of through the correct channels.

Giveacar has a destination for your pride and joy; with an added side bonus of being able to do some good for your favourite good cause. Giveacar is an innovative service that facilitates vehicle donation, subcontracting the collection out to another company. All it takes is one phone call to organise, and your scrap car will be collected at no cost to you. Depending on the condition, it will either be scrapped or sent to an auction; and if it is scrapped, at least 85% will be recycled. Therefore, this is the best way to effectively recycle a car.

Donate to Charity

The proceeds from your vehicle will be donated to the charity of your choice, after the subtraction of a small administration fee. Since January 2010, Giveacar has raised over £250,000 for a collective group of over 300 charities. So don’t let your pride and joy deteriorate into a lump of twisted metal on the side of a road; pass it on and put some good back into the world with Giveacar.

For more information, or to donate a car, please visit Giveacar.co.uk.