Think Global, Act Local

Seeing more and more dramatic announcements about the acceleration of global warming and how climatic changes are already beginning to have devastating effects around the world it seemed timely to put a few thoughts and observations and add my few crumbs to the debate.

First up this from the Tree Badger – nice favicon – which reminds me “pull your bloody finger out Pasty”. Its a simple process to add a favicon however the iconic pasty renders badly as a 16 x 16 favicon. Maybe I should try a polar bear.

global warming lonely polar bear

A comment on the video referred to this simple climate change videowhich is suitable for little ‘uns as it uses animation to show the injustice of cause and effect of global warming.

Global Warming

Climate change is a disaster for people in poor countries. It’s a hard cold fact that we need to do something about althought there is an incredible movement of climate change septics – the majority of which appear to be American.

The ideas for are out there – and we should supporting as many as we can. But there’s more we could do, if the people in power – those with a bit of international clout, the G20 summit leaders for example – pulled their collective fingers out.

Organisations claim we can make it happen.  April 2nd, world leaders will be meeting in London G20 summit to talk climate change. This is a massive opportunity. A chance to seal a deal that will give poor people a fighting chance.

Put People First has decided to appeal for those who want to have their voice heard to attend the G20 rally on 2nd April.  Wouldn’t it be marvelous if forward thinking schools allowed their students time off to join in when these types of rallies are held mid week?

G20 rally London

The publicity says join various marches around London and converge to a central G20 rally so that the G20 leadres will be able to hear the stamping of the feet of thousands of protesters supporters of change.

Did you hear about the man with pencil legs?  He found it hard ot conceal his carbon footprints.

Anyone and everyone who wants a fair deal will be there – at the forefront of one of the biggest global movements the world has seen – until the climax of climatic meetings in Copenhagen 2009

We can do more than stomp our feet – sometimes its hard cash that has the loudest voice.

This justgiving page for climate change donations may well be helping raise awareness of  is failing to attract sponsors to the do nothing event – not a single charity donation has been made – come on dip in.

You can always do “that bit more” during your everyday activities.  Consider buying ethical gifts that make contributions back to those in most need and try wherever possible to choose Fairtrade groceries and above all use less fossil fuels.

‘Scuze me, I gotta go. Need to fill up my eight-cylinder pickup on the way to work at the coal-fired hydro plant.