Haiti Earthquake – Hope

hopeThoughts were posted soon after the catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti now we look ahead and share hopes for Haiti.

What  needs to be answered is how Haiti will operate for the future when some order has been restored following the Haiti earthquake.

Will it be a “We need aid” beggar or allow free enterprise to work?  There was a very good article comparing Haiti to Mexico City a while back. Same situation in terms of government: Ineffective and corrupt. In Mexico City, the people rebuilt without long-term aid and got the job done. Haiti is in worse condition though, so some direct aid will be needed to at least get Haiti on it’s feet. But after that, a decision will need to be made. Will the rest of the world need to continuously provide Haiti a pair of crutches, or will Haiti stand on it’s own feet?

I hope that this horrible event will turn into something good for Haiti and its citizens. I hope that the leadership and the local and global community will show wisdom, integrity, and care as they make very important decisions in the future. Haiti take hope.

I’d hope we would get some commitments from Haiti, such as a promise for better government or to set up a free trade zone of sorts.

It would be great to get these folks started in manufacturing so that we can diversify ourselves from China. I can’t imagine that they would be more expensive than the Chinese and would appreciate the opportunity.

Charity Donations for Haiti Earthquake Disaster

Charity donations are still needed to continue essential aid and restoration work in Haiti – please give again.