Cabin Crew Are No Longer Peanut Pushers

Long suffering cabin crew have fought to shed the “trolley dolly” image – instead emphasising their professional credentials as essential safety and security teams.  Long gone are the peanut pushing dolly girls mainly thanks to the health and safety nut allergy brigade which by the way was a commercial fail as salted nuts encourage more on board drinks to be sold thereby boosting flight attendants commission.

united we stand

Now the flying stranded public are having their say in support of the striking cabin crew.

I don’t see how the cabin crew have contributed to BA’s dire financial position. Nor are they well paid in comparison to those who are charged with running the businesswrote a disgruntled passenger waiting his turn for the backlog of flights from Paris CDG airport.

Continuing: “It is unusual, is it not, that the CEO of the business appears to be of the opinion that the cabin crew’s union are responsible for resolving this dispute – and will not call them. I wonder if the shareholders agree with him, or whether they expect him to earn his, presumably substantial, salary and get BA flying again…”

Too many corporate fat cats can play fast and loose with their shareholders money at little risk to themselves… If the dispute drags on and he is forced to resign he will, no doubt, still be quite comfortably off. Not many cabin crew can say the same.

An airline at war with its cabin crew is an unpleasant airline to fly, and risks losing customers to competing airlines where the staff are happier.

Grumpy Airline Staff

Qantas, with an accountant in charge for many years, has an unhappy crew and has lost significant market share with flights to Sydney operating below expectations. BA shareholders should be jumping up and down. This is a no-win strategy for Mr Walsh. If he wins he will have grumpy, disillusioned crew and unhappy customers. If he loses, and especially if it takes time to get rid of him, then the airline’s shareholders will wear substantial losses, and BA will still have grumpy, disillusioned crew.