Flowers in a Box

We travelled up the M5 at the weekend to Clevedon to help out a not so young newbie install AVG free antivirus on her new laptop and solving her frustrations of being unable to access her hotmail account we returned home to find a large box left outside the front door.

The box was branded M&S flowers and we opened it to find the impressive arrangement of flowers below.

Now we in the Muncher household know a thing or two about flowers and gardening – see previous posts about how to look after fresh flowers and the meaning of flowers but we were bamboozzled by these – a cross between an partick thistle and a globe artichoke.

Curious to discover what they were we thought we could visit the M&S flower shop webpages which we did but alas they were not featured so the name of these wonderful flowers remains a mystery.

mands flowers matey blog

Yes I couldn’t resist staging the photo to include Matey Boy the puss cat who’s been a bit poorly recently – awww the furry fella.

Any how where was I – flowers that’s where – more specifically flowers in a box – much to the delight of the puss cat who without fail merrily prings into any empty box and this was no ordinary box, this was a Marks and Spencer flowers box – a luxury cardboard box in which he can fully hide until one of us forgets he’s hiding and trys to tidy it up…..

fairtrade red rosesValentine flowers

Fairtrade Red Roses

Peeping over my shoulder Missus Muncher happened to mention that she noticed that the selection of valentine flowers included fairtrade blooms which are at least a move inthe right direction but I dread to think of the environmental impact that the air transportation of  flowers for Valentines day is – perhaps we should make Feb the 14th more chocolate orientated and have a flower celebration when English bloomers are more abundant.

Thanks a bunch for reading.