Valentine’s Day Gifts

aorta youThe one rule of Valentine’s Day is that you should never forget. The rest is up to you, whether you treat your loved one to traditional Valentine gifts such as Valentine flowers or a surprise slap-up dinner- check out this magnificent Valentine pasty, or push the boat out with a romantic rural weekend retreat. A card is the bare minimum, but let’s face it, there are few (women in particular) who would honestly be happy with the bare minimum. If you’re out to impress, you’ll need to do better.

Here’s our Valentine’s inspiration to help you make the day special for the one you love.

Homemade over Hallmark

Many people think Valentine’s Day has become too commercialised – little more than a ‘Hallmark’ holiday with rip-off gifts. It needn’t be meaningless or expensive, however, if you make your own cards and gifts. Something that’s obviously been made with love means more than something easily bought. You could make chocolate-dipped strawberries, or a homemade card – and if you’re no artist you could buy reasonably-priced supermarket flowers then re-wrap them in your own choice of paper and ribbon, giving your gift a personal touch.

Valentine’s flowers

There’s nothing quite like receiving dozen fresh red roses  to make a girl feel special.
many people chose to have flowers delivered from leading florists such as Interflora who really should reconsider their pricing structure, however better options are available with businesses such as Bunch O’ Fives and high street womens fashion lingerie and dresses emporium M&S offering flowers year round both in store and online
If you’re spending Valentine’s Day together, you could hand deliver the flowers – giving you the chance to personalise the bouquet with your own wrapping.

Novelty Valentine Gifts

Careful with these – althought the idea of giving novelty flowers that turn into nasty knickers and badly fitting  bras you might as well have kept the pink  goscrewyourself screwdriver yourself.

Love and Peace my fellow munchers