Swimsuit Issue

Every year Sports Illustrated, an American lads mag that quenches the thirst for couch potato sports enthusiasts and college boys in search of a cheap thrill, publishes an issue to celebrate swimwear. The swimsuit issue has become one of the most eagerly anticipated publications to hit the shelves and we felt it only fair to bring you some of the hottest swimwear fashions from across the pond that will hopefully be seen on beaches in the South West soon.

Swimwear or Lingerie?

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue always delivers a high level of swimwear fashion modelled by super tanned professionals who are able to show off their bodies in swimming costumes with the sensuality of wearing sexy lingerie.

Swimsuit issues

The popularity of types of swimwear that is based on designs of knickers and other lingerie – bikinis, tanga briefs, brazilian knickers, thongs and strings – see the know knickers post raises the issue of sun protection.  Of those questioned the overwhelming sun protection lotion was the Riemann P20 sunfilter – a once a day application which remains and effective sunblock even after a good soaking.

How do the Sports Illustrated girls get such an even tan?

Tanning Beds or Gravy Granules

Notice that no matter what swimwear they are asked to model you never see strap lines of pale patches – just a perfect year round even tan from either weekly sessions in the chud on sun beds or less likely rubbing in fake tan lotion – the cheapest of which has to be a solution made up with gravy granules – mmmm bisto!