For those who enjoy a spot of schoolboy humour you will be delighted to read this – I don’t care old I get, farting will still be funny – and here’s the good news:

Farting is good for you!

Until now the saying “farting is a great delight – it warms the bed on a frosty night” – was a lone voice is the benefits of farting have been limited to

Not only is farting funny but now latest research indicates that the more noxious the guff the lower your blood pressure is likely to be – see farts lower blood pressure.

Finally affirmation of the classic headstone rhyme:- 

Farting animation - bend, squeeze….parp!Let the wind free where’er you may be

for ’twas the wind that killeth me

and concludes….

church or chapel

let it rattle

Make the most of farting – raise money!

Sponsored Farting

This year there will be a Sponsored Fart during which master blasters will see who can be “Top Trumps” whilst trying to raise money for patch-eyed Pudsey and BBC Children in Need.

What makes you Fart?

Without going into too much science – you can get a full blow down here – What makes us fart? we have selected our fart fodder of choice that meets both seasonal and environmental guidelines.

This year most crops in the garden have suffered due to lack of warmth and sunshine along with lots of rain.  One of the easiest things to grow is Jerusalem artichokes – a relative of the sunflower it towers until late into October/November and its earthy roots are ready for harvest just when you need them most- for wholesome hearty autumn fart fodder.

Rest assured – the Pasty Muncher will be farting with the best of ’em.