Cornish Pasty Flavoured Crisps

A surprise and kind gift from a thoughtful (veggie) colleague was a packet of Lusty Pirate, Cornish pasty flavoured crips.

The packet of crisps (suitable for Coeliacs whatever they may be) promised

As soon as you open a bag up, the distinctive aroma of the Cornish pasty hits you – there’s no mistaking it.

Well there was indeed a beefy whiff but taste wise (now remember I am no fan of flavoured crips – cheese and onion is the only infrequent deviation from ready salted) they were “not bad” with what I felt was a strong pleasing taste of oven baked pastry crust – shortcrust pastry that’ll be as in a true cornish pasty.

A genuine potato crisp indeed – maybe we shall see cornish pasty shaped reconstituted potato snacks (like Pringles) in the near future.

cornish pasty crisps

Lusty Pirate Peg Leg Confusion

Visiting the Lusty Pirate website (are they actually part of Burts overpriced crisps emporium with their own branded site?) I couldn’t fail to notice a serious continuity error.

Update – 27th May 2010 – can’t find the server at Jeez

Even through the mist of Fireworks, Flash and Frames I notice that the lusty pirate has pegs on different legs on the About Us and Contact Us pages.

I have to send them feedback – you may wish to do so too . . . .

Cornish Pasty Flavoured Crisps – Munch On!