Weeks after the flurry of  lolcano jokes the Eyjafjallajokull volcano (Damned typical antisocial of those Icelanders to give it an unpronouncable name) is still blowing off big time causing further concerns for travellers as more flights are likely to be cancelled.

Volcano Scams

Shocking that yet again Indian scammers are up to mischief again making claims that their loved ones are trapped overseas because of the volcanic ash cloud causing disruption to  flights from Europe to Mumbai and other airports in India and asking for help (money).

Read the full volcano scam email at Scam Detectives

scam detectives

Risk to Flights

In order to assess the risk to flights scientists at the University of Reading have been hard at it collecting data and ash dust including samples taken using sticky tape from a car and magnified 2,000 times

Was the sticky tape from a car in Reading taken up in a plane to collect the volcainic ash samples? Or was the tape used to collect dust from a car in Reading? If the latter, how do “they” know it is volcanic ash being analysed? It could just be ash from the fires of the gypsy encampments around the town, or residue from where Lithuanians have been roasting swans by the riverside.

This article in the Times asks:

But have they actually found any ash or are they relying on those Met Office weather forecasts again (the one’s which can’t predict a sunny day more than about 12 hours in advance). I though the laser based radar system could detect the ash but haven’t heard any mention of it being used.

Maybe this is the year for the staycation. If you really have to go abroad maybe its time for a cruise or traincation. There are some great websites specialise in these areas just do a Google search for; flightless travel, travel overland or slow travel and you will be spoiled for choice.