The introduction of airport body scanners is causing unrest amongst passengers who are think that the security measures are unecessary and far too revealing

Should air travelers meekly accept whatever debasement is inflicted on them?

Is it  rude to want to be treated with dignity and respect?

Several comments on the Wall Street journal have implied that there is little travelers can do about this.

Forget flying – take the car

One bright spark found a solution. One year ago, he decided that he would no longer allow himself to be treated like an animal, and he resolved to never fly again. He only goes where he can drive or take a train and grab car hire easily on arrival and it has been wonderful. The longer he goes without flying the less he wants to fly.

I suspect many others have made the same decision.

The result of all these tight airport security measures is that even flights that are 60-90 minutes in the air can quickly become all-day adventures (or longer if you hit a cancellation).

Drive more – fly less

So I too drive more. I can drive through thunderstorms; planes get cancelled. I can estimate the time it will take me to drive from one place to another, and almost always be right within 1/2 hour or so. Flying is a guessing game. In my car, I have whatever I need — 8 oz bottles of shampoo, as many “carry-ons” as I’d like, the food and drink of my choice to munch on, etc.