Tesco A Nasty Growth

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read about Tesco riding roughshod over greenbelt restrictions, such as a nature reserve in Buckinghamshire and the stone-built nature of Penistone in Yorkshire is about to change with the arrival of a Tesco ‘food supermarket’.

It doesn’t matter that a Royal Charter was granted in 1659 for its historic livestock market. That has been closed and reduced to rubble to make space.. It was apparently common knowledge  that generous back handers were doled out to push that one through.

Tesco plans to open the equivalent of 80 superstores in Britain this year — more new shop space than its three biggest rivals combined.

tesco value ipad

Over to the ever reliable Times commenters to educate us on the evils of Tesco:

Anyone who buys 2 chickens for 3 quid from Tesco – let alone actually eat the things – deserves everything they get.

More dreary goods from China placed at the entrance along with the special offer DVDs and sweets then acres of shampoo and gaudy home wares until finally you find the pot noodles, pizza and tasteless factory chickens with oddly plastic bones.

So the profile of a Tesco’s shopper is a person with endlessly dirty hair, with no taste in food and a prediliction for static producing cushions and animal cruelty.

Do we need more jobs shelf stacking?

Tesco is Disgusting

Tesco is a truly disgusting shop. Everything they sell is poor quality: vegetables start to rot next day, meat that doesn’t look like meat, fish that doesn’t smell the sea, etc. on the back of shaky animal welfare, destroying people’s choice for other options. But what’s really surprising that so many do not care about their own welfare and continue to shop at Tesco and consume this poor quality food.

Why anyone shops there is beyond me, the meat and veg tastes like cardboard. It’s Tesco’s aggressive territorial actions, not the quality of it’s awful food, that has made it our ‘No1’ supermarket.