stephanie flanders bbc stephanomics blogIt has only been a week since I read this fascinating article in the Observer about how the BBC economics editor, Stephanie Flanders, juggles her career and motherhood it was delightful to see her in action on the Andrew Marr show yesterday where as she hoped to make some headlines for today’s newspapers.

I’d prefer to use the word manage rather than juggle as that suggest there is an anticipation of losing control of the balls in the air.

Stephanie, reported as being

the headmistress’s choice: the clever, serious one who can be relied upon not to get all over-excited and start predicting the end of the world, or the death of global capitalism

had read up on everything from the UK-US extradition treaty to Maureen Lipman’s stage career she had four wide-ranging interviews to prepare for, it was with some dismay that her challenge would be General Sir Mike Jackson’s mobile phone.

Stephanie Flanders commented on her splendid blog – Stephanomics at the BBC that it is “somewhat disconcerting that the former head of the British army doesn’t know how to switch off his phone”.

Full credit to the Sir Mike who when realised he couldn’t turn the damned thing off flung it accross the studio – a superb piece of military strategy and essential viewing but the winner has to be Stephanie, who calmly and politely thanked the general for joining her and for despatching his mobile phone…eventually.

stephanie flanders stephanomics