No Knickers?

Sometimes a piece of work comes along that begs the phrase – “always a pleasure, never a chore” and that was the case when recently I took and voice message that said “pasty we read your Kylie’s Pants article – and asked “can you knock up a few lines about lingerie and call it No Knickers?”

Knickers Off – Express Lingerie Removal

It turned out however that I misheard and the task was to share a few thoughts about Knickers and complile a feature on a blokes perspective on getting into them – or more accurately getting her into knickers – the icing on the lingerie cake – Know Knickers.

Some men enthuse about girls wearing no knickers but I’ve always been under the firm belief that a woman wearing a well chosen pair of knickers is like luxury gift wrap around a special present.

Watch this video to know your knickers:

At last spring has arrived and thoughts turn to hot sunny days, warm long evenings and of course fun filled holidays.

Now winter blues are truly behind us its time to check out the latest lingerie trends and discover the latest types of knickers on the market this summer.

With a bit of research you’ll find panties can be a lot sexier than you think, no longer are knickers confined to being plain briefs in black or white – this season’s underwear should be uplifting and happy whilst looking great and making you feel good.


Choose zesty bright yellow and orange colours that are bursting with vitality, or vivid fuchsia along with passionate hot reds for seductive style. Careful choice of ladies underwear  this summer and the colour of your knickers can add a feeling of joy and happiness each time you open your drawer to choose a pair of knickers from your underwear collection.


The great news is that the look this summer is both chic and comfortable. This season’s hot pants are made from luxurious fabrics like cool fine cotton, sheer chiffon, sensual silks and satins trimmed with charming lace,

Patterned Knickers

A word of warning about patterns – be careful what you choose to wear where and when.

Spotty pants are fun for daytime wear but if the evening is going to be more sophisticated then consider changing into a more luxurious pair of knickers.

Lingerie in animal print patterns suit very few skin types are often thought of as common.

Panties with slogans written across the front might appeal as a fun purchase but look decidedly cheap when worn.

Many floral designs are available and you can enjoy wearing seasonal flowers – in Springtime for example you could have tulips pressed up against your cheeks or a Gladioli in your gusset.

Types of Knickers

Briefs – possible the most commonly worn knickers and give full coverage of both front and rear – but with some modification the humble brief can become a high fashion item of lingerie.


Hipster knickers are an even shorter type of boy shorts that cuts off above the thigh and are ideal for comfort when wearing hipster jeans.

Low rise hipsters give  the same coverage and are great for women who prefer a lower waist band.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts reveal a little more at the back and are very popular now. Because they sit so low on the waist, boy shorts flatter the figure of women with short torsos and visually lengthen your torso.

french knickers stylish and sexy

French Knickers

Oh la la – French knickers – a sexy loose fitting knicker with similar coverage to the brief. Usually silk or satin – perfect for the bedroom – French knickers are comfortable and glamorous – a truly luxurious piece of lingerie.

French knickers come in a wide range of styles – frilly Burlesque, sheer retro vintage or classic traditional patterns, French knickers are highly popular as special occasion wear. Whatever your preference at least one pair of quality French Knickers is a must in any womens sexy lingerie collection.

Thongs and strings

Reports show a decline in the number of women wearing thongs and strings – there wick like qualities will not be missed during a sweltering summer and this summer it is expected there will be a rise in sales of tanga knickers.

Tanga Knickers

The tanga is a mixture of the brief and thong – offering full coverage of the rear with a narrow waistband – sometimes called Brazilian knickers – can be flattering and sensual whilst remaining comfortable throughout the day

Little Miss Prissy interviewed the Pasty Muncher for a blokes view of women’s underwear – she should have known better – Pasty concluded