Deal or No Deal – Supermarket Swindles


Eagle eyed roving reporter spotted these tow shelf edge price tickets “shouting” the gererousity of the supermarkets involved.

Tesco penny off a litre of Bells’ Whiskey

What a saving this is and well timed following the booze unfriendly budget. 1 whole new penny off £14.99 that’s a massive 0.06% saving – cheers Tesco – every little really does help.

tesco penny off litre of Bells

Next we have Jamie O’s mates Sainsburys who risked shareholder wrath and had profit warning statements prepared when they decided to SLASH their multipacks of Hob Goblin’ Ale by nothing at all – nowt, zip, squat diddly.

Sainsbury’s not cutting prices

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On May 21st, 2008 at 10:22 pm, Magz said:
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I remember being in a bakers and it said that each bun was 25p or 4 for a £1. Wow what a bargain!

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